About The Queen

About Me (Where do I start?):

I thought about the words About Me for quite some time and honestly my only answer is that I’m just Gina. If you were to meet me, you’d meet Gina. I tried for the longest to get my friends to address me as “Your Highness” or “All-Knowing Self-Proclaimed Cookie Queen”, but frankly I think it’s just Gina they prefer. 

Where you are likely to find me: 

Mostly on the outskirts of the SF Bay Area, close enough to visit the city when I so desire, but far enough away to enjoy the open spaces and warmer weather and close enough to the swing by all the farms and orchards when the mood strikes. 

When I’m not working, cooking or cleaning, I like venturing out into the hills around me for a little alone time with nature. I do some of my best thinking there. Or I’ll pour myself a cup of hot tea and spread out my paints and brushes on the kitchen table and immerse myself in a little painting or crafty activities. When I get the chance, I like to hunt down old pieces of furniture so I can breathe new life into them. 

You need tech help from Me: 

Sorry I can’t help you in this department. I have heard though, “Sprinkling tea leaves in a cup and having a tech guru read them will solve your issue. “

Why do you write this blog anyways? 

A question I ask myself often and one I hope to clarify someday.  At the moment this is just my space for my growing recipe collection and ideas and stories that make me happy.  

I can say this though, I have a deep passion for food. I’m a self taught cook or as my cousin would say, “Channeling my grandfather Silvio.” I enjoy feeding my family and cook so often I’m constantly giving food away.  Recipes are kind of like friends, the more you have the better off you are. 

Enough About Me, - Why are you here?: 

Maybe you smelled the cookies over here baking in my oven, or a little birdie told you I have a wicked sense of humor. Perhaps you are just hanging out here because of my great hair, either way I’m grateful to have you here. 

You want to be added to the Christmas Cookie List (hint: that’s where my nickname came from): 

First of all, not just anyone makes it onto the list and once you are on the list it’s a lifetime appointment. Secondly, telling me I look unusually attractive today is a great opener. So feel free to flatter away. To enter the imaginary lottery to be added to the list feel free to slip me an e-mail {spcookiequeen-blog@yahoo.com}


  1. You look unusually attractive today :)) great to read more about you Gina! You are such a warm, charismatic and funny person!

  2. Aaaww, thanks Rose, you are a sweetheart and it was my pleasure getting to know you and your little man better.

  3. Great photo! I should have figured it was Liren who snapped it ;)

  4. I just reread this. You are brilliantly funny. Your talent will never cease to amaze me. I'm so very proud of you. <3