Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spiced Peach & Ginger Tiramisu- Happy Birthday to Me!

I feel so fortunate, not only did I get to spend my birthday here in California enjoying family and friends, but alsoI get to spend it on the only side of the globe with Nancy - Spicie Foodie enjoying it with her.

Even though I can't hop on a plane today and bring her over a piece of the Spiced Peach & Ginger Tiramisu I whipped up for my birthday.  I can easily send her a huge chunk in spirit.  For me one of the best gifts I've received from writing this blog is the fact that I can be there with some of you, even if I can't be there in person.

I pondered, what to bring.  How about a huge, multi-layered birthday cake with rainbow buttercream and sprinkles, oh yes that would be fabulous.    

Until I smacked myself in the head and said, "What are you thinking?" 

It's been a 100 degrees + around here and I don't need that oven on.  My daughter told me she was coming home for a visit Sunday, so I had so shake the cobwebs off my brain and think of a dessert that was smarter, not harder.

I started to think hey maybe older is wiser.

I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that I'm another year older.  The number doesn't bother me so much, but some of the side effects of aging just aren't fair.

Like the fact it takes my eyes an hour in the morning just to be able to see my hand in front of my face or that I have to be home before dark because I can't see to drive at night anymore.

Or that I'm getting birthday texts from random plastic surgeons.  What is there a database for old broads that are ready for a tune-up?

But I suppose for every down side there is an upside.

I feel like I've grown tremendously in the last couple of years not age wise, but wisdom wise.  You know that old saying, "Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way!"  I'm just going to confirm it right now - yes it's true.

I've learned to say what I need to say and mean it.  Tactfully of course, okay well not always but I'm sure to apologize when I'm in the wrong.

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me, I may not be able to see anymore, but at least I don't smell like a monkey!

Just when I thought my birthday couldn't get any better I got the biggest smile on my face when I saw the cake my dear friend Becky baked for me.  You just have to see this lemon masterpiece for yourself. Becky is way sweeter than this cake could ever be and I feel lucky to call her a friend too



  1. Happy Birthday Gina!! Hope I am the first one to say it here ~ I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true!

  2. Gina.
    Happy Birthday to you! May this be the best year ever! Ypu are staring it off right with gorgeous Tiramisu.


  3. Gina,

    I'm glad that you like the cake, and maybe one day we will get to share a piece together.

    your are the dearest friend! Hugs!

  4. Thanks Ann and Becky, this birthday thing isn't so bad, I just may go and do it again next year.

  5. Happy birthday my friend this is fantastic :D
    Your creation looks gorgeous as does Becky's :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. Happy Birthday! There's the obvious physical downside to getting older - like harder to see in the dark, etc - but that's far outweighed by the benefit of getting craftier! All it all, older is much better than younger. Your friend Becky is a keeper. Nice post - thank you.

  7. Happy birthday hun! Seems like you had a wonderful birthday with tasty treats. Becky's cake And your tiramisu looks fab!

  8. Happy birthday hun! Seems like you had a wonderful birthday with tasty treats. Becky's cake And your tiramisu looks fab!

  9. Happy Birthday Gina!
    The tiramisu looks divine!

  10. Happy Birthday, Gina! I didn't know plastic surgeons sent you messages. I'll be there's a line of them outside my front door and I haven't stopped to look!

    Lovely tiramisu!

  11. the tiramisu sounds fit for your Majesty the Cookie Queen!

  12. Happy Birthday Gina! I hope you had a wonderful birthday. 100+ degrees there? I want to move there, here it's not warm enough to feel the true summer. I'll be checking your delicious tiramisu at Nancy's in a minute!

  13. Happy Birthday Gina! You sure know how to celebrate in style. My kind of dessert! We are finally getting summer temps here in San Diego, and I'm loving it. We don't have air conditions like most of my neighbors and I have to say there have been lots of complaints. I'm happy though!!

  14. Happy Birthday Gina! I can feel you on the heat. So very hot. And this tiramisu looks lovely. Such a wonderful and fruity twist.

  15. Happy Birthday, Gina! Hope it was a good one especially since you celebrated with such a yummy looking dessert!

  16. Happy Birthday Gina! You are a gem and we are so lucky that you shared your b-day with us. I'll more than gladly welcome you anytime;) Your post made me giggle-especially the not smelling like a monkey part. Your the best Gina and I can't thank you enough for everything. Big hugs & I hope you have a great weekend:)!

  17. Absolutely wonderful cake Gina! Hope you had a beautiful birthday :)

  18. Happy Birthday Gena. I love your birthday candle on your cake and idea of using fruit is very clever.

  19. Happy happy belated birthday to you!! Sorry I missed it, but I'm sure you didn't notice with that amazing peach tiramasu to munch on!

  20. What an amazing Peach Tiramisu. I am so going to make this and hopefully my family will be swoon over with my sweet delectable. I have always enjoyed a good ole Tiramisy, but having a change is fantastic! Happy happy belated Birtday Gina. May you stay healthy and have prosperous life. Huggss

  21. Happy belated Birthday Gina. Hope you had a blast. Love your birthday cake and the candle is so cute.


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