Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What do cobras eat? Hypothetically speaking of course.

Let's just say I was doing a little research into the diet of the cobra.  Do you think cobras prefer their unicorns rainbow flavored, plain vanilla or some other flavor?  I mean if I was a cobra I would probably go for a dark chocolate flavored unicorn myself, but rainbow unicorns are sparkly, enticing and delicious.

After quite a bit of digging into the diet of cobras, I came up with an empty bag of lucky charms. (What can I say; all this rainbow talk put me in the snacking kind of mood.)

I used scientific deduction to come to the following conclusion:

After taking an informal poll of all the cobras I could find; I speculated, cobras prefer rainbow unicorns.  Well at least the Uni-Cobra does.  (For the record, I would not suggest disturbing a cobra with angry eyebrows while he is sleeping under warm rocks out in your backyard.  They just don't like that sort of thing for some reason.)

Hello, hasn't everyone seen the infamous Uni-Cobra?  The Uni-Cobra is probably the most deadly and dangerous of the cobra species.  Basically the Uni-Cobra is a Vegan, but has a massive sweet tooth for the rainbow unicorn and (fruit stripe gum from time to time).

I know what you all are thinking, "Why in the heck does this Uni-Cobra have angry eyebrows?"  You see normally the Uni-Cobra removes the horn of the unicorn victim before swallowing it whole, but this Uni-Cobra who was extremely famished at the time; forgot.  I for one can only imagine how painful that horn must be to pass through the digestive track.

No I'm not starting my St. Patrick's Day celebrating early! I have other more important reasons for coloring instead of working this morning.

I was working on something I may or may not be bringing with me when I go see The Bloggess.  She is on book tour and coming to Rakestraw Books in Danville on April 2, 7 p.m.  You should come too; we could make a party out of it.

Back to work or the tyrant I work for (Hot Dog Dude) may fire me (then I woke up from that lovely dream).



  1. Looked up from the work piled up in front of me to see this on my FB feed. You always make me smile! Pretty uni-cobra!

  2. Next time I run into a cobra I'll ask what kind of chow them prefer. ;-) Really funny - thanks.

  3. Pretty rainbow cobra Gina, I think they must be eating pretty well;-)

  4. My son who loves cobra saw my computer screen over the shoulder and said cobra! Before I started reading. He was amazed with your rainbow cobra!

  5. hahaha, I love this post and your rainbow cobra and a unicorn that she's just eaten.

  6. Gina,
    Your cobra is lovely! I never gave much thought to what uni-cobra's eat, but I guess that I will now, lol. Next thing you know, there will be a commercial with uni-cobra, replacing the quadricorn, lol.

  7. Your cobra probably ate a rainbow giant snake ;)


  8. Smile. Your cobra is lovely...and whatever it's eating...we need to distribute more of it in the animal kingdom. All about rainbows. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Gina, I am not a cobra fan, but could not help to like colorful and uplifting :)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!