Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hazelnut Whole Wheat Scones with Maple Glaze and "Whoops, My Bad"

Have you ever been stone cold busted with peanut butter buttercream on your face?  The other evening I posted a picture on my Facebook of the banana macarons I was working on and Azmina instantly busted me out by commenting, "Heh, I think it's awesome that your last post said you were going to focus on easy food and then you happened to whip these up."  (Whoops, my bad!)

You see Azmina is a skilled and seasoned lawyer.  Armed with the following evidence "Easy crap to make for dinner", she didn't waste any time zeroing in on my truth twisting and extracting a confession out of me in a mere 2.6 seconds.  It spewed off my tongue faster than kale chips, "Obviously, I'm a liar."

Luckily for me I wasn't in a real court or right about now I'd be trying to figure out how not to shower for infinity. Instead I was thinking of inviting Azmina over here to interrogate my teenage daughter and her friends, I was also hoping instead of her hourly rate we could possibly work out some sort of cookies for services rendered type of agreement.

Seriously, she is that good.  After she busted me I was so riddled with guilt I was on the phone with my mom and felt the need to confess all sorts of things; like the time Hot Dog Dude came tumbling down the stairs and all I could do was stand there laughing before I realized I should probably ask if he's okay.

Or that I made the most amazing scones the other day and I was going to blog about them but my cuticles hurt and that really messed up my typing and so instead I just went shoe shopping.

Toasted Hazelnut Whole Wheat Scones with Maple Glaze

Or that I made both peanut butter buttercream and black sesame buttercream fillings, both were good, but the peanut butter made me feel special in a way I've never felt before.  

I also told her that when I lay my eyes on a cute cake stand; I can't just walk away quietly, instead I have to bring it home and load it up with baked good. 

I'm going to b.a.l's soon (bakers and liars anonymous).




  1. great story. I am afraid to make macarons and scones. I have a fear of failure.

    1. Marlene if it helps, start with scones they are easier.

  2. Haha she most certainly is sharp isn't she? Wow!
    Love your scones today, that glaze completes them!
    And those macarons... :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. You crack me up!:)) Love both but never made macarons...Great post and pics are yummy!

  4. Gina,
    I love your new cake stand, so pretty. Your macarons look great on the cake stand. I thought that you were just going to make "regular" cookies, lol. Hope that the dinner turned out well.

  5. Love that maple glaze on your scones and your macarons look wonderful! They are on my baking bucket list :).

  6. I want some scones! They look incredible, Gina.

  7. Heh, thanks for the compliments. I'm not sure if it's the legal skills or the insane jealousy at your macaron making prowess that prompted me to call you out. I mean really, who just "whips up" a batch of macarons with unique flavor combinations? The Cookie Queen obviously. Me? I'll stick to one pot meals and revel in your friendship (and continue hoping you'll bring macarons to our next brunch) :)

  8. Fun story And some great looking scones. I'm surprised they don't package buttercream as makeup - who could resist? ;-) Really entertaining post - thanks.

  9. Smile. She's one smart cookie (as our you!) I have done the same thing many times...sworn I was going to focus on easy recipes and then made something devilishly complicated like croissants. Thank you for sharing these simple wheat scones my friend ;-)

  10. Sorry we didn't get together this week! Looks like you've been busy -in a very good way- in your kitchen and peanut butter buttercream sounds real good! It's okay to make these fancy cookies especially when you're so good at it-why not show off some of those baking skills!?! Maybe there's a way to make a quick meatloaf dinner out of those macarons?

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  12. I am fairly certain I will never have the courage to bake macarons. That only leaves me with hopping a plane to New York to hit Laduree...or to come crash on your couch and require macarons on demand. That's what you get for having mad macaron skills. Boom.

  13. haha, good story. I need to make macaroons one day. It just sounds so complicated. Ok, one day I'll make it.

  14. (I would have laughed at the Hot Dog stair-stumble incident too!) ;)
    Your macarons are brilliant! They look lovely on that gorgeous cake stand - good call!
    And those scones...they're calling to me.

  15. Haha, you're so funny Gina. Only you the Queen could just whip up a uniquely flavoured and perfect batch of macarons. Your cake stand is befitting of a Cookie Queen.:)

  16. You remain "the Cookie Queen." I'll let you confess all you want and stay mum. Yes, I covet the cake stand. And macarons (but making them scares me). But those scones - I can wrap my hands around those.

  17. You are a sucker for baking up some amazing treats, Gina! Oh and I love the cake stand. Adorable.

  18. You are so funny...I yet have to try to bake macaroons...and yes, it seems very complicated...now the scones I think I can handle :)
    Have a great weekend Gina!