Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I gave birth to a baby shower cake!

Well I didn't really pop a baby shower cake out of my hoo-ha, but it certainly did feel like it.  Anyone that has ever made a large, over the top cake knows how the hours spent in discomfort can feel strangely similar to giving birth.

It always starts off innocently enough.  You start by entertaining absurd thoughts like, "Oh wouldn't it be wonderful if I had one of those amazing (low-maintenance) creatures for myself."

I mean really just how much of my limited resources could that tiny little thing suck up anyways.

I mean there is no way on earth that tiny little thing could need 7 pounds of butter and 4 dozen eggs.  No way!!

I'm absolutely positive that there is no way that after methodically sifting, mixing, and wrapping 7 cakes that any of them are going to be anything less than perfect.

Then there are the additional supplies those little babies need.  After all you can't buy the special items you are going to need for this baby in any old store and believe me once they get you in you are done for.  The "while I'm here" instinct kicks in immediately and before you know it you have a whole cart full of necessary (cough, cough) items.

Then you realize your sweet little cherub isn't quite dressed well enough and needs a little more pizzazz, so you decide a few little blingy doo-dads are in order.

The fatal flaw is that they need more, they just need more.

In your somewhat delusional state of happiness you decide if one is good, two has to be better.  Right?

Before you know it 1 has turned into 90 little labors of love.

After several days of little sleep you start to function at a pretty high level (it's a natural gift all moms possess).

Yet those nagging doubts of not being good enough (or moist enough) just won't leave your already crowded head space.

Sometimes if you listen to those crappy thoughts long enough they become a self fulfilling prophecy.

Yep it was true I gave birth to a tasty, yet a tad dry cake.  The only redeeming thing about the whole process is that if you give birth to enough cakes some of them are bound to come out as exemplary examples.

So I guess I will just have to press on and give birth a few more times until I'm happy with my offspring.  The sickest part is; I get to eat my subpar offspring.  Holy crap, what kind of sicko am I?

p.s.  Please don't eat your subpar offspring until I consult with my attorney to find out in which states that it is still legal.



  1. Hahaha, what a wonderful analogy! Your offspring is beautiful, even if it was a tad dry, no one's perfect ;) All that butter and those doo dads, oh my! I will never attempt this - one offspring is enough for me. Have a great week recovering from all that labor, Gina :)

  2. Wow. That is an amazing endeavor. I'm betting that everyone that tries it will think it's delicious and not at all dry (we're our own worst critics, right?). It looks perfect. There's no way, no way I could do anything close to that, or would even want to attempt it. You're my hero.

  3. Thanks ladies, it was laborious, but I'm glad I made it. I have a little more work this week, then I shall be on the couch with the remote even if it means wrestling it from Hot Dog Dudes sleeping hand.

  4. What a great post and a beautiful cake, Gina! The mom-to-be is very lucky to have you making the cake for her.

  5. Gina,
    Your cake and cookies are gorgeous. Looks like you had a healthy delivery. You make everything with love. Hopefully you will get to rest after all of that labor.

  6. GAH, I love it! And only the Cookie Queen would decide a layer cake wasn't enough and in fact, this party needed some gorgeous sugar cookies too. That is one lucky baby! :)

  7. Such a funny post, and your cake (and cookies!) look fab! Truly a labor of love ;).

  8. If you live near me I'd totally ask you for every birthday party and all kinds of occasions for special delivery! You must be SUPER famous in your area! You and your post always make me smile and my day brighter and more joyful. :) Such a stunning job!

  9. Great writing! And I start to think how to organize it and where to move to convince you to make one for me when I'll be in meed for one :)

  10. That mum-to-be is very lucky my friend this looks so gorgeous :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  11. Gosh, Gina, this is a masterpiece! Never in my life I would be able to make something grand like this. You are amazing!

  12. WOW, you really weren't kidding about being the Cookie Queen huh?? This cake looks beyond amazing. Adore your blog, it's truly mouth-watering!!

    Follow back if you can :)
    xoxo Chels

  13. I too agree...you are the Cookie Queen! No doubt about that! Your baby shower cake is SPECACULAR, and MAGNIFICENT! The cookies are absolutely perfect and adorable, as well! Are you sure you don't have a bake shop and keeping it a secret?...or is it your private bake shop at home?...well, you should really do this professionally and make lots of $$$...xo

  14. WOW! What an amazing cake, my friend! It would probably take me twice the ingredients to get it right...but yours is perfection on the first try!!!

  15. The cake and cookies look like they were made by a professional. Amazing! Good for you for taking such a risk. I have learned to get over my perfectionist self and embrace the mistakes made in the kitchen. There is always next time to try and get it right. Have a great weekend, Gina!

  16. Ha-ha - what a funny title of your post! This cake looks absolutely amazing and very creative! You're definitely very talented and determined - to be able to create such a cake. And what a perfect shade of blue!