Thursday, October 17, 2013

I prefer my rattler with extra Nutella or nothing at all!

I'm officially changing my name to Halloween Queen.  I had way too much fun making all the Halloween recipes you've seen this week.  I have no idea where some of my ideas come from, but I was fooling around in the kitchen and before you know it I was making a s'mores rattlesnake.

I wanted it to be easy enough for a kid to make with a little help.  Take a large square of graham cracker and cut the corners off to make a diagonal shaped head. Cut graham cracker squares down the center into rectangles. Cut a tail piece out of a rectangular piece of graham cracker.

Smear Nutella on the pieces and cut marshmallows in half with kitchen scissors and place them cut side down on the snake.  For the tail piece pipe a few stripes of peanut butter with peanut butter placed in a disposable piping bag and add a few chocolate chips as rattles.

Then blister the top of your marshmallows under a broiler or use a kitchen torch.  Just be careful not to melt the marshmallows, just give your snake a nice sunburn.  Attach a few snake scales (toasted sliced almonds) with the peanut butter in the piping bag.  Give your snake a couple of candy eyes and a licorice mouth.

I decided to have my rattler snake around the celery and carrot sticks but you could have him slither anywhere you'd like.

I have to get on costume making duty for the next couple of days, but hope to have the final two recipes up for you next week so we can keep this party going.




  1. Gina,
    Your rattler looks so cute, and who can resist Nutella and peanut butter? I want to make one of these!!! This is another winner. I can't wait to see your costume.

  2. I think this is my favorite Halloween treat, such a fun idea!

  3. Thanks ladies, I think this one was my favorite to make and umm, eat.

  4. You should know how much I HATE snakes--especially rattlers--but LOVE this eye deer. :) Spooky clever lady, you are!

  5. Where did you get all these fun ideas??

  6. That is adorable...and about the only snake I want to be within 10 feet of :lol:!

  7. You really are the Halloween Queen! We used to live in Tampa, and that section might be the snake capital of the world - they were everywhere. Even though we had one of those bird cages over our pool and pool deck, snakes sometimes got in. And of course our cats would get them, and drag them into the house. Wanting us to share in the fun, see. Didn't happen often, but even once was too much!

  8. Gina -you are having way too much fun over here and I think we should change your blog name to 'spooky queen' because you are starting to scare me ;-)